In-Person Sourdough Bread Making Class

You will learn about fermented vegetables and why sourdough is safe for GLUTEN sensitive people.

How to make a basic sourdough bread

What you will learn at the course

"Top 10 Things You Can Do With Sourdough Starter"

In-Person Workshops:

will reopen with COVID-19 health and safety guidelines

Seats: max 12

Beginner Level

Seats: max 8

Intermediate Level

Seats: max 10

Sourdough Pizza

Are you ready to Bake healthy bread that you can share with loved ones?

Lactic acid PROBIOTIC bacteria that is in sourdough helps to break down the gluten and makes it highly digestible. Sourdough bread takes much longer to ferment and rise than other breads and that is what creates its particular texture, flavor and digestibility.
Sourdough bread only has 3 ingredients: flour, water, salt.

Good news!

Now, it’s your turn to make delicious and nutritious sourdough bread!

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