Beginner Level Workshop




This is the sourdough baking class you need if you are just starting out in sourdough bread baking. This class is for BEGINNERS who have no idea of how to bake with sourdough or those who have tried and stumbled.

In this hands – on workshop, you will learn everything you ever wanted to know about using and maintaining a naturally fermented sourdough starter. It is also called “wild yeast”. By learning the techniques used by artisan bakers, you’ll get peak performance from your starter and will learn how to prepare it for traditional rustic loaves, sourdough pizza, sourdough bagels and much more.

This workshop lasts about 4 hours and we will be busy all that time. 🙂 Making sourdough bread is a very fun experience that requires time and a little bit of patience. You will go home with your own starter, the dough that you worked on during the class, recipe of the bread and a ton of fun memor

We will bake a loaf of bread, which we will sample with tasty accompaniments.

  • How to make your own starter and maintain it.
  • Practice scaling ingredients, mixing and developing dough strength over a series of stretch and folds.
  • How to practice shaping.
  • How to mix and fold dough.
  • Shaping, scoring and baking the dough.
  • Why a long cool ferment is beneficial as a baking technique.
  • Bring your passion for learning!
  • Apron if you are concerned about getting covered with flour and dough. 🙂
  • A desire to bake and eat real sourdough bread.
  • Jump in, the ingredient and equipment list isn’t long at all.

Location: Country Morning Bakery And Cafe

How to make a basic sourdough bread

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