Hi! I'm Altynai Stauss

I am a Nutritional Coach, business owner and a lover of all things fermented. I love making healthy dishes for my family and friends. My “must have” items in my kitchen are raw sauerkraut and real sourdough bread. I eat the same breakfast every day as I figured out the best way to include protein, healthy fats, probiotics in one meal. 🙂 It is sooo yummy. My wish is to never get tired of this breakfast.

Oh, I also teach people how to bake the most nutritious and delicious bread.

The truth is, I am pursuing my passion and following God’s calling on my life, which is to serve people
in a way that blesses them the most. Health is the best gift I can give you.

Let’s get on making sourdough! We knead it. 

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Beginner Level



This is the sourdough baking class you need if you are just starting out in sourdough bread baking. This class is for BEGINNERS who have no idea of how to bake with sourdough or those who have tried and stumbled.

Sign up for  March 21, Saturday. 

Enrollment is open. Turmeric Sourdough bread.

Intermediate Level Workshop



In this 4 hour hands-on workshop I will teach you the intricacies of making a well-
structured loaf of sourdough bread, with beautiful crust and open crumb. By learning thetechniques used by artisan bakers, you’ll…

Will be available upon request. Max students: 7

Sourdough Pizza Workshop



Do you like Pizza? How about healthy pizza that is made with naturally leavened dough that is easily digestible and tastes Amazing?!

Enrollment will be open upon request.

Raw Sauerkraut Class



At Sauerkraut class you will learn how to make your own fermented vegetables from scratch. 

Sign up for  April 11, Saturday. 

Enrollment is open